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Expanded Edition - Thomas Nelson, Inc

"Any hint of scholarship in this web site is thanks to this study Bible, I highly recommend it."  .. GPK

Here's how they (the publisher) describe it:

The intent of this Study Bible is to make the Scriptures an open and rewarding book for the serious and committed Bible student, while at the same time presenting a meaningful Bible for the general reader. In combining scholarly commentary with the trusted King James Version, the publisher is pleased to present the labors of learned and reverent men who have sought to clarify the meaning of the Scriptures and bring the treasures of Gods Holy Word into the possession of the reader. To that end, the following special features are provided.

The text is that of the King James Version, by far the best-selling English Bible translation of all time. Believing that the words of Scripture as originally penned in the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek were inspired by God, the translators gave to this version a beauty which affects the English language to this day. And since the Holy Scriptures are the eternal Word of God, the King James Version has spoken power­fully to generations, giving wisdom that leads to salvation, that men may serve Christ to the glory of God.

The helps and educational features found in this Bible have been prepared by eminent scholars under the supervision of Thomas Nelson Publishers. They are strictly non-sectarian. In this edition Read-along References™ and Read-along Translations™ are used to help you understand the text. The symbol "R" beside a word denotes a Read-along Reference™ which lists at the end of the verse other passages which have similar meanings or further bearing on the word or phrase indicated. This exciting cross-reference method of Bible study ties the magnificent truths of Scripture together.

The symbol "T" beside a word or phrase indicates a Read-along Translation™ and easy-to-understand equivalent, alternate, or literal translation at the end of the verse. When more than one reference or translation follows a verse, a center point "•" is used for division. When space does not allow the symbol letter (R or T) to precede the word or phrase referenced, then the symbol follows immediately at the end of the word or first word of the phrase referenced.

Immediately before each book of the Bible there is an introduction and outline of that book. These introductions are extensive and scholarly, and the outlines are designed to give the reader an overview of the book.

The period between the Old and the New Testament is treated fully and concisely in the definitive Between the Testaments section. This feature is designed to give the Bible student an understanding of this important period so he or she can properly relate history and the Holy Word.

The Biblical Cyclopedic Index is one of the major study aids in this edition. A marvel in itself, this distinctive section combines the most useful features of a concordance, reference system, and index, but it is better than any of them separately or all put together in some manner. With the Biblical Cyclopedic Index, the serious Bible student will find the riches of the Word unfolding in logical fashion. The busy pastor or speaker, searching the Scriptures for a message, will find the Biblical Cyclopedic Index one of the most helpful tools to the explication of the Scriptures available in published form today.

An extremely important study feature is The Christians Guide to the New Life. These twenty-eight outlines cover the major teachings of the Bible and literally help you open the Bible to the point-by-point development of each doctrine. With the study notes at the bottom of the pages, you actually cover the material of an ad­vanced course in systematic theology, but in a much easier and clearer manner.

For convenience in Bible study, the reader is referred to the major classifications of Bible Study Helps found in THE OPEN BIBLE Expanded Edition. These helps provide a wealth of information normally found only in a complete library of books. Now they are yours in this new study Bible.

The Bible Study Helps section includes articles on How to Study the Bible, Read 'Your Bible Through in a fear, Harmony of the Gospels, and Teachings and Illustra­tions of Jesus Christ. Many other helps are included to make Bible study more meaningful.

The Biblical Information section features many items not commonly understood in the Scriptures plus countless bits of practical information in concise form. There is an extensive article, The English Bible and Its Development, and of special interest is the article, The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries, which includes scholarly discussion of the most recent archaeological finds.

Messianic Prophecies are indicated in THE OPEN BIBLE Expanded Edition by stars placed with the references in the appropriate passages. An outline star is used to indicate a prophecy later fulfilled in Jesus Christ. A solid star is used to indicate a prophecy that has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

This study edition of the Holy Bible is intended to make it an open Book to the reverent reader. It is hoped that this unique edition will truly make the Scriptures plain enough so all can have an Open Bible.

The Publisher



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